Pardon me, my name is Wendell Herman, and I would like just a moment of your time. Yes, I imagine you’ve seen me before, but this is the first time I’ve meet you. Sorry, I get ahead of myself. Heh, that’s a little joke which I’m sure you’ll understand shortly.

Anyway, what brings me here today is that you have made quite a name for yourself and are quite frankly a hero of your space, and time I suppose. I have come to offer you membership in the Society. What is the Society? Well, that’s a bit of a tricky question. We are many things to many different people, but I suppose the simplest is to say that we are travelers, and sometimes protectors, of time and the Multiverse.

Yes, I know this may be quite a shock; however, I assure you we are quite real, and to be perfectly honest there is a matter of some urgency that could use your particular mix of talents. So if you would be so inclined to take my offer we should be off soon.

Welcome to the Avendum Chronicles

The Multiverse is a large, some even say infinite, place full of wonder and dread. Anything imaginable, or unimaginable for that matter, can be found somewhere within its myriad manifestations. But for all its vastness many things hang in a delicate balance and many forces continually seek to tip that balance. Thus enters The Society, a group of extraordinary individuals and organizations from across the Multiverse all dedicated to preserving that balance.

Within the ranks of the Society’s membership you will find heroes of many worlds and many times with powers and abilities both strange and mundane. One is equally likely to be amazed by meeting the heroes of their own world’s fairy-tales or horrified to learn that their deepest nightmares are in fact a reality. Few have the ability to travel between worlds, and fewer still the skill to survive such travels.

The Avendum Chronicles

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