The Avendum Chronicles

All's Fair at the Faire

Wendel appears with a matter the Wizard Raiston mentioned, a branch of the multiverse in the process of being pruned. So, our quintet sought, and found, the Happiest Part of the Underdark, a gnomish village celebrating their liberation. Ramses greets them in an archiac dialect, but Mayor Jarvis is put at ease when he realized that the party were adventurers Questing.

Silk went to make acquaintances lo, River Tam danced, Peter flew and told tales of high adventure, Ramses contemplated how to solve the language barrier (not being able to cart off the local wizard’s living room, or even a téte et téte settee) and Mistress Victory sought a game of dexterity.

Cheaters never prosper, Mistress Victory tells them “No.” Dagger toss, foot race, dunk the gnome. Rematch secured through Silk’s emerald. Ramses and Silk defused the target charming daggers so Mistress Victory could prevail. Teamwork.

Next Week:Clone this Phone!


And strangely, that is EXACTLY what happened. I like how most of the action was a lot shorter than the exposition.

I think we have our chronologist!

All's Fair at the Faire

I’m looking forward to the rest of the party giving the highlights of their first Society missions.

All's Fair at the Faire
Magness wellplay

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