The Avendum Chronicles

Force Their Hand, We've Got the Aces.

So, Silk and Mistress Victory went to make the appointment with someone that knew more than desired, in a Guildhall within the Citadel. Ramses, River and Peter remained at the Tap Room of the hotel.

There was a Drow laying in wait for Silk and Mistress Victory, and making Shadows off the receptionist. Back at the Tap Room a Drowess was making an Orc be seen as an Illithid, a Reaver, and a Pirate. Ramses had a moment of insight that a severed branch of the multiverse might have the torque to reach the Outer Realm.

Silk and Mistress Victory try to keep the receptionist from leaving the office and calling the Guard, and the Drow tries luring Silk into the ritual chamber with exquisite treasures including platinum set perfect cut diamonds.

Back at the Tap Room Ramses gets a beak to the skull and come hither eyes from the provocatively ‘clad’ Drowess. River and Peter are doing their best with the enemy as they see them.

Mistress Victory resists entering the chamber for a round, but on entering discovers the Tiefling children being tortured are real and there is Drow Carving. The receptionist makes it out to call the Guard, and Silk finds a secret passage behind the stone wainscoating.

Lavasior is seduced to flame the orc taking three bystanders in the blast:one bursts into flame, one vomits fire and then crumbles to dust, and the third is lit from within as his bones burn. The Drowess draws an invisibility field over the table to get jiggy with Lavsior to the death throes of the third victim.

“Arrest this man!” Sometimes leadership is better than the sword, and the Drow takes a dwarven shoulder (plated) to the groin. Silk realizes he’s found the conduit. And Mistress Victory has two charges (one bone white [including the eyes]with ultramarine spiral locks, helical horns nearly hidden, the other aubergine [hematite eyes]with white hair and the start of longhorns) to get healed and settled into better straits.


Magness wellplay

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