The Avendum Chronicles

Game Quotes (Collected)

“Bitches – Let my people go!”
“You have to collect a billion thimbles before you can see panties.”
“I was just bludgeoned. Fortunately nothing broke – except possibly the bludgeon.”
“And also, there’s a mad lizard wivving in my head.”
“Heelbone’s connected to your – nose bone…”
“It’s a flying cheese sandwich… Om nom nom nom nom…”
“Wink wink nudge nudge.” “Bludgeon bludgeon.”
“Lavosier has wi-fi.”
“My eye-jelly hurts.”
“We’ll contact the local Umber Hulk Rescue.”
“So Seth, I hear you have an enormous thing in your mouth?”
“Three and four are also going to swarm in for that up-your-nose attack.”
“Oh, no butt probing?” “Only if you have that kind of mind.”
(in a dwarven city) “Everybody’s Gimli?”
“He’s going to be a diplomat’s apprentice, why wouldn’t he be depressed?”
(sticking head in) “Hmm, I wonder what an illithid’s beak looks like.”
“He has the temporary aspect: covered in ham.”
“Something fishy is going on here.” “Or at least cephalopodous.”
(being offered a fate point) “Before I take that, does she resemble in any way…” “Satan?” “A man?” “I can see we’re concerned with entirely different things here.”
“You now have the aspect: Boing!”
“No, there are no shadows in my brain, get off me, I’m naked!”
“I don’t think it was her fault.” “Whose fault?” “Nobody’s fault.”
“Between now and Magness?” “The end of all things is Magness.”
“Excuse me, I left a plot hook in there, can we get back in? Thanks.”
“…if the poo hits the flan.” “Ew, all over the table.”
(As people are about to be crushed) “Whatever you do, don’t look up, and don’t move.”
“I didn’t feel like being first that day.” “So you’re so slow, you’re going first the next day.”
“On the dais on the dais”
(After River rolled Legendary+1) “You pwned his mind.”
“Paper airplanes! Use the paper airplanes!”
“You do not reach noble goals through ignoble means.” “Silk, you do that all the time.”
“I call it an insult of opportunity.”
“Make it all better right at the end, Magness.”
“A traditional Canadian headdress, from a Canadian nunnery.”
“It could only be better if it had tits and was on fire.”
“It has a sticker on it that says ‘Made in Canadia’.”
(clenching teeth) “This is my nice face.”
“Some people have guardian angels, these have Mistress Victory.”


I am so happy right now, you have no idea :D

Game Quotes (Collected)
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