The Avendum Chronicles

Merchants, Goons, and Umber Hulks, Oh My!

When a barfight goes sour and negotiations get heated...

When rogues are beaten on their own turf, they tend to get cranky when the winner hangs around. Unfortunately for our friend the Tricksy Bastard, he’s just the type of rogue to get cranky. Silk’s insults probably didn’t help his disposition, but honestly, don’t go throwing your ego all over the place, lest someone with more skill than you (or the proper friends, or both) trounces you.

When the appointed time of bartime arrived, Silk and Ramses descended to the back hall of the bar, and knocked precisely twice. Entering the secret meeting place of the Shady Gnomes (unofficial title), Silk and Ramses made known their intentions of obtaining the use of an Arcane Laboratory and heat-dampening cloaks.

The initial Superb value was circumnavigated by Silk’s excellent lying and Ramses’s knowledge of local necessities, not to mention his general eeriness. However, the Shady Gnome was quite the negotiator himself, outmaneuvering Silk, of all people. Eventually, by playing to the Man in Charge, Silk and Ramses secured a Good price, and the information that a brawl is going on upstairs. Silk “found” a ladder that led directly to the bar, and Ramses and Silk quickly joined the brawl.

Meanwhile, when Silk and Ramses left for the negotiations, Peter Pan flew off to find more children, but they were all in bed, so he lay upon the rooftops and began to doze. River sat in the square when she lost track of Peter, and Mistress Victory sang with the bar’s sailors. Well, she was, until some 12 Gnome Goons walked in. One club to the head, boot to the kidney, and chair to the side of the head later, and Mistress Victory decided that these Gnomes needed to die. River, catching the ill intent of the Goons, joins the fray. Peter, hearing the commotion, yells “THEY’RE IN TROUBLE!” and leaps off to help… not knowing who “they” are. Luckily for him, “they” were his friends.

A number of felled Gnomes later, Silk and Ramses burst through a hatch behind the bar. The last Goon blew a whistle, and a giant Umber Hulk crashed through the wall. Mistress Victory grabs the whistle from the Goon, and the Goon took off. In her anger, Victory raced after him, and River followed. Meanwhile, the Umber Hulk is confusing people (well, Peter Pan and Silk) into attacking their allies. Unfortunately, Lavosier had decided recently to assert himself by blowing up the ceiling, and after Silk accidentally attacked him, Silk found himself becoming a human projectile. The Umber Hulk then threw Lavosier out onto the rooftops.

So as our act comes to a close, Mistress Victory and River are attempting (and doing a good job) of capturing the Goon, while Silk, Peter, and ahem Lavosier are taking on the Umber Hulk and, well, each other.


Tricksy insults
Negotiation Club, Boot, Chair
Good Price Goons going down
Join the Brawl Umber Hulk


Magness OmegaGoo

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