The Avendum Chronicles

Rein in Your Destruction, the Bar's Done

Lavosier decided, since Peter Pan was in fact the party’s only way back, he should pop the Umber Hulk’s eyes, having recalled that its confusion was in its gaze. This did not stop it from tossing Silk, who almost hit Lavosier on the way out of the ballpark.

SIT! STAY! BAD GNOME! Mistress Victory, tired of the chase she and River Tam had, called on her Power. River Tam got mind blinded, and Lavosier got excited. Ramses took the distraction (Silk’s flyby helped) to stuff Lavosier back in his box.

Mistress Victory worked out the whistle and called the Umber Hulk to her, but the gnome still developed a bad case of Trixie’s daggers. River Tam sends the shadow packing, just before the guard took the opportunity to stop for a chat. They were most helpful with the name and location of a four-star hostelry, and took the Umber Hulk to find its owners. While Silk left his condolences with the Shady Gnome Leader (Emeralds are nice between friends) and then secured rooms, Mistress Victory took the gnome in for repairs, making sure he didn’t wake up with a bad case of dead at the temple.

Oh, Trixie, you stole the Mayor’s translator. Fortunately, revenge is a song sung loud. You can grumble, but management likes the tune. Onto the Adventurers’ Road we go, River thought she knew a short cut but forgot she was wrong. We’ve got cloaks, goggles (cargo go Mistress Victory) and a meeting to make.


Magness wellplay

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