The Avendum Chronicles

Silk's Effect

Wendell Herman is a sneaky bastard. Honestly, I don’t know how he did it, but he convinced me to accompany Ramses Saracen-Jormundyrr, a magic user who spent entirely too much time “geeking out” (his words, not mine) over the world we were in, and River Tam, a strange young girl with some odd powers (and really, really hard to lie to).

We travelled to the world of “Mass Effect”; although, it was less of a world and more a galaxy, and that was a problem. Wendell informed us that a body of a race of half-machine beings known as the Borg had been transported to this world, and we had to find and dispose of it before the robotic race known as the Geth found it and learned the secrets of “assimilation”. It was a race against time, and we had little to no knowledge of how to go about this.

Being the person that I am, I successfully formed a business empire to procure funds for our exploration, while Ramses and River looked about for information as to the location of our quarry. Sadly, we were hours too late to claim first dibs on the body, but we were still early enough to destroy it and any data they had gleaned (which turns out to have been almost nothing. According to Ramses, they had no idea how to deal with organics). As for the escape… well, why don’t you read the whole thing?

Still, Wendell, you bastard, I’ll get you for this.


Magness OmegaGoo

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