Benton Fraser

Benton Fraser always was considered the last of a breed. It's being put to the test now that he's among the first of the newly named RCMP.



Superb Survival
Great Alertness Investigation
Good Guns Athletics Endurance
Resolve Rapport Stealth Burglary
Academics Sleight of Hand Intimidation Art Fists

Benton Fraser was born in a barn in the Northwest Territories (horses are sensitive to cold) the son of a Mountie already on the way to being a legend. Through many events (his mother’s murder, being raised by his librarian grandparents, his father’s absence) he also became a Mountie, one whose ‘legend’ was for tracking litterers and fishing violations.

He went to Chicago on the trail of his father’s killers, and after delivering a corrupt RCMP officer and breaking open an ecological crime he was sent into exile. Normally, that wouldn’t have meant going home, but it’s the Past.

Benton Fraser

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