Mistress Victory

Mistress Victory is a Tiefling that plied the Seven Sands.


Mistress Victory is a Tiefling, with ram-like horns and a long counterbalancing tail. Agile from years spent in the rigging of one of the fantastic Sand Ships, her blade is as sharp as her tongue and she cuts a fine figure wherever she goes. Her horns are curved and studded with smaller points, like a ram’s horn crossed with a conch shell. Her eyes have no distinguishable pupil or iris, but are like mirrored orbs, and her hair is dark violet. Victory keeps her tail stained with intricate patterns.


Origin: Heir to those whose world straddling power was not enough, their pact is written on her body. And then there were bandits.

  • With ancestors like that who needs enemies?
  • Pluck makes luck

Tribulation: Survival is just step one, living takes more effort.

  • Shoot high, you’ll hit something
  • Victory to the sharp and swift

Legend: A capable swordmistress, she is the bad day that others dread.

  • In my arm I trust
  • No excess in success

Hero: The story of Zaracin posits that oneself is the enemy that can’t be defeated.

  • This will return and bite my tail
  • Once was one too many so not again

Society: A flying boy without so much as a carpet? There were five other things before that breakfast.

  • Improbable? B-I-N-G-O.
  • Wendell, what’s wrong?


Superb Resolve
Great Blades (Weapons) Leadership
Good Alertness Athletics Pilot
Endurance Rapport Intimidation Survival
Deceit Sleight of Hand Fists Disguise Stealth



  • Fiendish Will, She can Order others as she sees fit but by doing so she risks the
  • Lure of Darkness, because those Infernal bargins are under her skin.

Normal acts of leadership and even intimidation do not risk the dangers of invoking Fiendish Will, as they draw only on her native ability and skills. The Lure of Darkness is a hotline to the pacts of her ancestors, that Fiendish Will calls by her Wanting.


Victory was raised by her mother and grandfather, both Tieflings. He was an advisor to a petty chieftain. Brigands happened, but small and fleet she escaped. Not one to let others chose her path, she avoided thieves’ guilds and harems, making her own way. This catapulted her into the crew of one of the legendary Sand Ships.

She believes that right must have might, and that fear of the individual is the start of tyranny. The weakest link is the one rulers hang from.

Mistress Victory

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