Ramses Saracen-Jormundyrr

Ramses is about 5'11. He has deep brown eyes edged with gold, and a short mop of black hair. He also has small pointed ears, like an elf. Despite his rather normal, clerkish appearance, he is a powerful magic user.




  • Mage Journal
  • Bloody/Tortured Childhood


  • My Soulmate Doesn’t Love Me
  • Been There, Done That


  • Haunted
  • Never Good Enough

Hero: Peter Pan

  • Striving For Innocence
  • Escapist


  • Why Do These Things Always Happen To Me?
  • That Funny Guy


Superb: Academics
Great: Guns, Endurance
Good: Rapport, Intimidation, Mysteries
Fair: Art, Alertness, Burglary, Investigation
Average: Stealth, Athletics, Might, Empathy, Resolve


  • One Hit To The Body
  • Bounce Back
  • Quick Draw
  • Subtle Menace
  • Walking Library


  • Magic
  • Madness


Spirit Centurion; Arcane Headmaster

Begin at the beginning, isn’t that what they tell Bards who’ve frozen cold and can’t remember a snatch of song?

Ramses Saracen-Jormundyrr was born in the Second Age of the First Cycle of the world of Seasoan. It was the year of the Noble Wolf, and the day of Black Sun. He was born to the Goddess Fatima Jormundyrr, Seasoan’s first diety. He had two older brother, Cicatriz and Alecto, in that order, and an elder sister, Fable. His Father was the god Fen Saracen, a wild man who walked out of the mists of the early world to wed his Mother.

His people, the Saracen Kingdom, led a prosperous life underground, all their power and most of the resources provided by the world’s core, a shining blue light that could take on liquid form. Its true properties to this day are unknown and few remember it exists at all. His Mother was born from the world tree’s first flower, and some of Yggdrasil’s power flows in Ramses’ veins.

When he was but five years old, his Kingdom came under attack by humans. The man who led the attack, a kitsune (a race of foxpeople who could take any shape they wished, and usually preferred a humanoid one) by the name of Lavosier StSyrr, murdered his Mother. Alecto, his older brother, cut his distinctive elf-like ears to resemble a human’s, and smuggled him to the surface. Alecto then died from wounds taken earlier, leaving Ramses on his own in a wildwood forest.

He was soon found by a half-dragon scholar, one male named Mortimer Acacia. Mortimer turned out to be a history professor—more acuratlly, a Chronicler—on sabbatical. He took Ramses in, teaching him to read and write the surface language. Showing a keen deftness at this, Mortimer decided to take him back to his school, and enroll him in the mage program there.

When Ramses was ten turns of the seasons, Mortimer took him to the City of Autumn, and by extension, the Autumn Academy of magic. Upon arriving, Ramses immediately met Lavosier, the man who had killed his Mother. For reasons then unknown, Lavosier took Ramses under his wing as his Apprentice at once.

Very quickly Ramses grew to fear his Master, for Lavosier was a cruel and wicked man. Lavosier was often quick to anger, and even quicker to madness. His instructions almost never made coherent sense, unless they served the purpose of torturing Ramses. Nothing he ever did, no project, no spell, was ever right—and nine hells be bright, did Lavosier ever let his Apprentice know his displeasure at the slightest wrong. Ramses’ youth dragged out, warped by the intense magic of the Academy’s library, and the spells worked by himself and Lavosier.

At this time Ramses began to have vivid dreams of his soulmate, a woman whose True Name was the only thing he knew about her. Lavosier introduced a new member to his household, Hisano, a woman written into being by his own magic. She followed Lavosier like a devoted puppy, and, though he was wretched to her in as many ways as there are to be wretched to another person, her love for him was quite genuine. Ramses plotted for a long time, and eventually, one day when his Master was indulging himself in Hisano’s body, knifed him in the back, killing him instantly. Hisano fled the City, pregnant and in tears.

Ramses was too young to become the Academy’s next Headmaster, so Autumn fell under the rule of the Council until he could prove his worth as a mage. That day came at the end of the Fourth Age. Fully immortal now, and very powerful, Ramses settled into creating his own race, the Gjem, who were as devoted to him as Hisano to Lavosier. In time he became rivals with the young kitsune Bard Crimson StSyrr, Lavosier’s long-lost son, although this was not known either, until very recently.

In time Crimson wed the kitsune Princess Rumiko Nefarli, and their daughter, Ryoko Nefer, was the woman Ramses had waited his whole life for. His intense, uncontrolable desire for her led to war between the City of Autumn and the kitsune-run City of Summer. This war eventually destroyed most of the “medieval” societies still left, leaving the world open to human progress.

The Sixth Age was the Age of Technology, and Ramses had to adjust to fit in. He became an assasin working for Jamie Peterson, a cyborg who ran the prosperous Moon City. In time—for Destiny could not be avoided—Ryoko came to work as his partner. They were lovers for many years despite their differences; his possesive/obsessive behavior, and her strong will.

All was well, until one day there was a man named Kris. Hailing from another world, Kris Shinamori strode into Ryoko’s life as if he belonged there, and a new Destiny for her was born. Enraged beyond reason Ramses made to begin his old war anew, when the heart-sickness and stress finally proved too much for Ryoko’s sensitive heart. She went mad, her natural magic wreaking havoc all over the civilized world. She took up arms against her friends and lovers, finally falling to defeat and death.

Rumiko, Ryoko’s Mother, came into her Goddess powers then, restoring the world to its “better/natural” state, in which creatures of magic still roamed the earth and leaving only two techonologically advanced human cities under Jamie’s juristiction. She promised to take Ryoko’s soul and Kris’ soul, and make then anew in her body, bearing them as children—brother and sister. However, if Ramses was to be allowed to see Ryoko, his attitude had to change.

He struggled all through her new childhood, for he was passionately jealous of Kris, whom she obviously preferred. Still, they remained soulmates, and she often came to him without prompting. His slip-ups were few, but frightening to her. Once she came of age, she took both Ramses and Kris as lovers, and Ramses solidified his promise of goodwill with a spell: “Ryoko will have no children but by Kris, for I have no desire to be a parent. Let this always be true, and the only one who can remove this spell be me, and me alone.”

Ryoko and Kris wed, and Ramses returned to Autumn, where he pursued his love of teaching. When Ryoko was pregnant with twins, Kris, her Father, and Jamie’s wife left their world to fight an evil sorcerer. They never returned. In their absence, Lavosier’s wandering soul grew strong. He found a way to return to life, and did so, although Ramses was not to know this for many months afterward.

Lavosier conspired to bring the spark of madness upon Ramses. When he succeeded, Ramses lost all traces of his humanity, warping into something dark and twisted. Ryoko, who had come to slay Lavosier, recognized Ramses midway through his transformation: he was becoming Lavosier himself. Indeed, the Master had always been the Apprentice, although the exact reasons why his race changed are still unclear. The elder Lavosier then slew Ryoko. Something happened in that moment, and history turned in upon itself, beginning the world again with the First Age of the Second Cycle. Only Lavosier, the half-Ramses, and Mortimer remained. Mortimer and Lavosier left for who-knows where, but the half-Ramses—through some trick of the world or some backfired spell—returned in time to the days of his childhood. Mad with pain and insanity, he killed his own Mother and grew to fulfill the prophecy of becoming his Master in truth.

This happened nine times throughout the course of history. Altogether there were Nine Cycles. At the end of the Ninth Cycle Ryoko appeared at the appointed place to kill Lavosier, a new companion by her side; James Hyde. Together they managed to kill the wretched mage, and restore Ramses to sanity. But he knew that he would always hold that danger, that darkness inside of him. Lavosier was locked inside his body, but he was now free to whisper in his Apprentice’s ear, or take over his body to perform spells. Kris, Crimson, and Jamie’s wife all returned from beyond the veil of the world, and their arrival was greatly celebrated.

With everyone happily reunited, and Ryoko and Kris finally taking up the mantels of Queen and King, Ramses retreated inside a stone tower to share his days with only his Master for company, his own Apprentice Leviathan, or the Goddess Rumiko. Those were the only two allowed to enter his self-imposed prison, all other would be unable to cross the threshold.

He was eventually broken out by a great thief named Siegfried. Several adventures and a new lover ensued before her husband returned in the guise of his own brother, Alecto. Deferring to their happiness, he left Ryoko’s white city of Caer Tirith and retreated again to his tower. Here it is he sits, forever immortal, unable to die no matter the method, forsaken by both those that he has loved, confined even from teaching. Lavosier’s presence is slight now, only a whisper, and if he returns, it is not likely to be any time soon. Although Ramses may often speak in his voice, or act in his manner.

He is often the comedy relief of a group, even when playing the villain. His accent is nicely british, and he thinks himself quite funny. He’s also a total geek, having engaged in anime, manga, video-games and the such during the Sixth Age. He also remembers all of his past lives, even though he doesn’t like most of them. Nagas (snake people) terrify him or make him angry, along with Driders, multi-armed gods, men hitting on him, people named Faust and Dante, and a few other things. He reads ALL THE TIME and the running joke is he’s written every book in existence. Because of his anime-related character origins (which are not mentioned here) he’s often referred to as “that damn dog”. He looks like a kicked puppy when insulted. He’ll sooner run away from a battle than stand his ground, but he has a stout heart when it counts.

He’s proficient in magic, knives, staves, and moving very VERY fast. His name comes from his second life, when he was Ramses the Second, pharaoh of Egypt. He’s had several apprentices; Leviathan, Yin (one of Ryoko’s sons), King Crimson (once they stopped fighting and eventually became friends), and Delmar Liran. Delmar and Leviathan are the only good ones, although they’re both temporarily out of comission. He also has a True Name, but I’m not telling you, Magness. :)

Oh, and people would know him either by name (he gets around), or from my books (of which some of this story is still being written), “The City of Seasons Series”. He will be a point-of-view character in book 4, “The City of Spring”, I think. We’ll see, but he’ll definately get the spotlight. If not then, then certainly in “The City of Autumn” before he goes nuts.

Er, he’d definately know about Peter Pan, and he’s well aware of other worlds and other ‘main characters’. He’s ready to leave his world in search of new adventures. And yes, he knows about the Society. He already has his knapsack packed and is wondering why they haven’t come sooner. :)

Ramses Saracen-Jormundyrr

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