River Tam

From the TV series Firefly:



Origin: River grew up in Alliance space, the child of Gabriel and
Regan Tam. She was gifted with an incredible mind, beyond genius, and
was also extraordinarily graceful as a dancer. She quickly reached and
surpassed her older brother Simon and was the pride of her home planet
of Osiris.

  • Prodigal Genius
  • A Creature of Extraordinary Grace

Tribulation: At the age of fourteen, River was sent to the Academy,
an Alliance program that was billed as the best school available, with
the most challenging and comprehensive learning programs. Unbeknownst
to her family, it was actually a secret government laboratory
attempting to create the perfect psychic assassin. With her brother
Simon’s help, she was able to escape the Academy.

  • Living Weapon
  • Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain

Legend: Simon and River joined the crew of a small smuggler ship,
and evaded Reavers and Alliance forces alike in order to send a
message to the whole ‘Verse about the experiments the Alliance was
performing on unwitting humans. After the death of Serenity’s pilot,
River became the ship’s new co-pilot, having gained a bit of stability
now that everyone else knew something she had known.

  • Everyone Else’s Secrets
  • Reaver-Slayer




Superb Alertness
Great Fists Athletics
Good Academics Stealth Weapons
Endurance Intimidation Guns Pilot
Burglary Science Deceit Resolve Might


Mix it Up
Human Spider
Danger Sense
Saw It Coming


Reader: River can use her Alertness skill like Empathy, to read
surface emotions and help determine someone’s aspects. She can also
spend a fate point to learn specific information such as passwords,
names, dates, and other important information directly from someone’s
Leaky Brain Pan: River’s mind is a mess. Her emotions are erratic, her
actions inscrutable, her motivations unclear, and her hallucinations


Kidnapped @ 12 yrs old, River was trained as an assassin which also brought out latent psychic abilities. The trauma of the kidnapping and training caused her to go insane, mostly in the form of hallucinations. She was rescued by her brother Simon (who was trained as a doctor by her kidnappers after he’d infiltrated them), and the two of them found refuge aboard the starship Serenity. When not hallucinating, and sometimes even when she is, River is a powerful ally who can kill with her body or her brain: whichever is more convenient.

River Tam

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