Acrobat, assassin, spy, merchant, etc.



Origin: Born Prince Kheldar of Drasnia, Silk entered the Drasnian academy at a young age, training in espionage and intelligence gathering.

  • Life is a Game
  • Sardonic Wit

Tribulation: At some point, his mother, a renowned beauty, contracted a disease that left her blind and horribly disfigured. Silk began avoiding Drasnia in order to avoid the pain this caused him. During this time, he established himself a fantastic reputation in the espionage world.

  • Avoid/Evade the Issue
  • Did You Just Offer Me a Challenge?

Legend: According to the Mrin Codex, Silk is a member of the party chosen by the Prophecy of Light. He is referred to as “the Guide” and “the Rat”.

  • Even I Have Standards
  • The Things I DO For You People

Hero: Mistress Victory’s unorthodox method of fighting appeals to the acrobat in Silk. A little bit of showmanship is not only fun, but demoralizing. Not to mention that dropping a chandelier on someone is quite useful when attempting to make a getaway, once his cover’s blown, of course.

  • When Opportunity Knocks…
  • Setting the Stage

Society: Stealing an entire shipment of weapons isn’t easy… no wait, this is Silk we’re talking about. Yes it is. But that was only an means to the ends of retrieving a Borg corpse from the Geth.

  • The World is My Business
  • Man of Many Roles

Latest Mission: Someone is attempting to cut a chapter out of the Book of the Multiverse (or, to put it another way: a branch of the multiverse!)! But just because we know which branch doesn’t mean we know WHERE. Worlds are big places, after all.

  • Aura of Economic Improvement (This is not a full aspect. Instead, it “boosts” an aspect by making the implausible plausible)


Superb Deceit
Great Alertness Contacting
Good Burglary Resources Daggers (Weapons)
Fair Empathy Rapport Resolve Stealth
Average Athletics Fists Gambling Investigation Sleight of Hand


I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy [Contacting]
Clever Disguise [Deceit]
Acrobatics [Athletics]
Grease the Wheels [Resources]
Too Many Hiding Spots (Close at Hand [Weapons])


There’s a Backdoor in Everything: Silk can spend a fate point to declare the location of a back door in the current scene. This can be used even if it has been previously established that there is no back door.
Claustrophobia: Due to a traumatic experience that involved phasing through solid rock, Silk is extremely claustrophobic. Caves tend to trigger this more than crawlspaces.



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