Tricksy's Daggers

Daggers with a "target-charming" enchantment. Foci of a projection ritual

weapon (melee)

These daggers have are enchanted to cause targets in a specific target game to move late. Later, they became foci of a projection ritual used to attack our party as we slept. Eventually, the daggers were shattered. We currently have the distinctive shards.

Held by:


Originally owned by Tricksy Bastard, these daggers were a very obvious cheat by him in his rematch with Mistress Victory. Later, a psychic projection… thing spewed these daggers in order to attack “our” Goon. Finally, each night on the Adventurer’s Road, a group of wizards far away from us used these daggers as foci for a ritual in which they created psychic projections to attempt to dominate one of our party. In the course of our final night on the road, these daggers shattered.

First seen in Tricksy’s hands in All’s Fair at the Faire.
Spewed from a shadowy projection in Rein in Your Destruction, the Bar’s Done.
Shattered in Psycho Shadow Posse.

Tricksy's Daggers

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