Character Creation

Follow the basic Spirit of the Century creation rules with the following modifications:

Character Type: When thinking about character types many more are available. As long as you can play the character with the pulp action model they can come from any genre. Conan, Inspector Gadget, Honor Harrington, they all exist somewhere in the Multiverse.

Phase 1: Origin - This should be specific to your characters original world/time. Very few indeed grow up traveling the Multiverse. This is also your opportunity to manifest a bit of the Multiverse yourself.

Phase 2: Tribulation - Heroes are made, not born. What pushed you into becoming a hero? Did the king’s brother take the throne while he was away? Did your ship crash on an unknown land/world? And how did these events affect you? This is not yet the story of your legend, but rather the prequel.

Phase 3: Legend - Many adventures come and go, but you are a legend in your own time. Did you do it alone, or did you have allies? Did you solve all the problems, or are there still tasks left undone? I don’t recommend having too much left undone since you are presumably haring off into the Multiverse to solve other issues, but a few hooks here and there can be nice.

Phase 4: Hero – Everyone was influenced by someone at some point. Did Anakin Skywalker’s fall into darkness drive you to shun the darkside of your nature? Did Guy Fawkes teach you to take matters in your own hands? Choose one of the other characters and tell a story about them that inspired or cautioned you. At the time you know them only as a story or perhaps history, but all too soon you will meet them face to face. Try to base this off of their Legend, but if your accounting is slightly (or a lot) different from how the other player envisions the character, well there are an infinite number of Elronds out there, each a little different. Just remember that this should provide connection rather than strife.

Phase 5: The Society – How did you first learn of the Society? Did good old Wendell show up one day with a “matter of some urgency”, or did you suddenly find yourself in the middle of something happening in your own world/time? This should involve two of the other PCs as well. And don’t get too caught up in the timeline of who joined when. Time matters very little to the Society, and it is entirely possible for you to some day recruit the hero that recruited you. If you wish to start a character that has not yet meet/joined the Society simply leave these two aspects blank. You can fill them in during your first adventure.

Skills and Stunts: Obviously, with the increase in what type of characters are allowed there is need for more skills. However, nearly all of these are simply a re-skin of existing skills. Want to sway others with the power of your mind? Take the Rapport skill and call it Telepathy. Want to be an alchemist? Take the Universal Gadget stunt and call it Universal Concoction. There will be cases where we do need to create something new, but we try to keep this to a minimum.

Strength/Weakness: This is something added to the standard process. What is the one thing that gives your character that special oomph, and what is the corresponding thing that takes it away? Do you wield magic, thereby using the Guns skill with nothing more than your bare hands but requiring you to get your beauty rest? Can you fly as long as you think happy thoughts? This is not a necessary part of the character creation, but can add fun and flavor. Think of your Strength as a free stunt without any pre-reqs and your Weakness as corresponding negative stunt. This ability should be denied with special circumstance and even become a hindrance from time to time. These should all be developed along with the GM to ensure the scope and balance is in line with other players.

Character Creation

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