Sand Ships

The origin of the Sand Ships is shrouded in mystery, and their repair is a closely held set of secrets. They are a prize beyond price, though they and their crews often are for hire ‘quite reasonably’. Worlds with water oceans will recognize the rigging and sails, while the hulls bring to mind Baroque submarines. The masts can be folded down should the winds become hurricane force—an Event in a Sand Ship. More usual is trimming sail or even battening the spars.

The Sand Ships are the fastest, highest capacity, safest, connection between the Oases, at a price. Some wonder if they weren’t also part of the Infernal pacts that were sealed with the Tieflings—generally not too hard or loudly when a crew is around.

Crews of the Sand Ships are men, women and children, akin to a small town or large caravan.

Whether it is a normal specification, Mistress Victory has taken her Sand Ship into Space to fight Beholders that sought to infiltrate new terrestrial dimensions.

Sand Ships

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