Silk's First Society Mission

It’s been a few years since Liselle had her child. Ok, our child, but that kid is hard to handle. I suppose that’s because he reminds me of myself… whatever. Anyway, that’s the timing of the events that unfold here. Most importantly, it’s been a while since the fateful day the Choice was made in favor of Good. Supposedly, that set right what had gone wrong in the multiverse.

It was just another day in the business world. I was off in Mallorea negotiating some price or other, it doesn’t even matter what it was. I’d just finished the day’s bartering when this man approached me. It was odd; I’m usually never wrong on placing people’s traits, but his eluded me. Of course, since this is Wendell I’m talking about, it should be pretty obvious as to why.

He spouted what is apparently his usual speech to new recruits. Although, there was a promise of riches and profitable business opportunities; I think Wendell had too much fun doing research on me, the bastard. Oh, and may I mention that guy is either the BEST liar I have ever met, or he always tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth. As I write this, the only hint I have that it may be the former was that twinkle in his eye as he met me.

We met later that night in my own private quarters. This time, he brought two other strange folks with him: Ramses Saracen-Jormundyrr, who spent much of his time trying not to, ahem, “geek out” (his words) in my presence, and River Tam, who didn’t seem to be all there. He wanted me to assist these two on a mission to “restore balance in the multiverse”. My question, of course, was HADN’T WE DONE THAT ALREADY!?

As it turns out, yes we did. Unfortunately, the multiverse is, well, rather large, and just because we restored that particular goof-up and reconvened the multiverse’s Purpose doesn’t mean that we fixed all of it. There are other entities out there with power rivaling that of the Purpose that seek to do harm to the multiverse. One of those had caused such an imbalance to occur in a completely different world. Unfortunately, Wendell knew exactly what to say to convince me to go. Is it any wonder I hate him?

We arrived on a fantastic metal structure. I won’t go into the details of my adjusting to the strange sights and feelings I had there; suffice to say this may have been about the third time I’ve actually been uncomfortable due to an environment. The first two being Cthol Mishrak and the Caves of UL. River didn’t seem perturbed by the scenery; I got the feeling that her home world was similar to this one. Ramses, on the other hand, was “geeking out” again. Strange, though, as he seemed to know exactly where he was going at all times.

Our mission seemed simple enough: a malevolent group known as the Geth (I’m still unsure as to what a “robot” is, but they’re apparently a giant group of those) had obtained a corpse from a race known as the Borg, or they were close to its location and it was only a matter of time before they uncovered it; I’m not exactly sure which it was. Apparently, this would allow the Geth to begin converting living beings to their cause. Ramses was using the term “assimilation.” Either way, it was our duty to recover this thing before the Geth could figure out what it was. It seemed simple enough to me… at least, until I learned something significant about this “world” we had arrived on.

It turns out that this particular world in the multiverse is actually made up of an entire galaxy. We had landed on a significant structure called the Citadel. Being the person I am, I quickly made some contacts among the districts. Of course, if I ever go back there, I better remember that according to them, I’m Pierre Kallar, representative of Devlon Industries. I have another identity there, too, though I haven’t actually given that one a name. I don’t think even the Shadow Broker (the underworld information lord) knows that Pierre and the unnamed man are the same.

You’d have thought that Wendell would have set us up with something when we arrived. Although, now that I think about it, he dropped us off with a lot of time to spare. Damn that bastard, he’s a sneaky one. He only did that so he could follow through on his promise to me! Ugh. Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details of how those two identities came about. It’s enough for you to know that after a week or two, I had managed to steal a shipment of Devlon weaponry to the Citadel and began selling it (with a legal license, of course. Obtaining that is a story all in itself. I might tell you sometime). We used the funds I generated from that to buy a small cargo ship. Nothing flashy, but it would get us where we were going. While I was procuring funds, Ramses and River were figuring out which planet we needed to travel to. There were reports of Geth activity beyond the Veil, which Ramses knew (I’m still unsure how) was unusual, while River was pulling coordinates and contacts from minds left and right. She seemed to have a bad encounter with an Asari, and mostly stayed away from them.

The trip there was fairly uneventful. I had hired a crew for this foray, although I’m pretty sure I almost dried up my bank accounts doing that. Just keep in mind that I hired a crew after having been there for only two weeks. I did it mostly for the protection, actually, since going into Geth territory was apparently considered suicide. Thankfully, I didn’t have to hire a pilot, since River was fairly competent. Thus, I had a small army of mercenaries and an engineer or two, just in case. This entire foray was full of “just in case”, and for good reason.

The world was actually just outside of Geth territory, but apparently the powers that be had decided that the Geth would find their Borg at almost the same time we did. We got there just after they had found it and had to infiltrate the ground base they had set up, to destroy the body. Ramses seemed very confused, for once. I’m still unsure how he knew where everything was, except for this planet, evidently. Thankfully, River and Ramses were pretty good shots. I certainly wasn’t; I haven’t even used a gun before (and frankly, I’m not sure I want to again). Oddly, the amount of Geth there didn’t seem to be equivalent to the “importance” of the mission. It was pretty easy to take out or avoid any opposition the three of us had. The rest of my hired crew had stayed behind to guard the ship “just in case”. It was the best “just in case” I have ever had, and I’ve had some fantastic ones.

When we approached our ship, we heard the sounds of a battle. My crew was fighting off a contingent of Geth, including a huge one that was trying to get to the ship. So, here’s where investment pays off. Not only was my crew actually doing fairly well against the horde of Geth, but they were making use of the explosives I had stored in the cargo hold. When you know the right people, you can hire the right people. When the three of us rejoined my men, we pushed back the Geth long enough for River to get the ship back into space.

We returned to the Citadel as fast as possible, and, damn that man, Wendell was waiting for us. A swift congratulations and the briefing on our next mission awaited us. I had barely enough time to dismiss the crew before I had to be on my way again. Hmmm… I wonder how those accounts I had back there are holding up. Hopefully those investments I made are blossoming…

Oh yeah, and I make sure to stop back and visit Liselle and the boy as often as I can. Of course, Wendell, being the helpful bastard that he is, always drops me off in such a way that it’s never more than two weeks between visits, as if I were on a business trip. One of these days I’ll have to ask Belgarath if he’s been working with these guys, too.

Silk's First Society Mission

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